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How to add files to a Fuse 6.1 profile using the CLI

July 15, 2015 2 comments

For some mysterious reason its not possible to upload a file to a profile in Fuse 6.1. Since we tend to script the complete creation and deployment of our Fuse environments we needed to be able to add files to profiles from a script.

The support guys gave me this script that adds a function called ‘import-resource’, and since it really helped us I though I’d share it with the internet:

# Imports resources (ex. xml or properties) into a Fabric Profile
# ex.
# import-resource "TestProfile" "1.0" "something.xml" "/home/jsensharma/Downloads"
# profile-display --display-resources TestProfile

import-resource = {
    _profile = $1
    _version = $2
    _logical_file_path = $3
    _physical_file_path = $4
    _file_content = ((cat file://$_physical_file_path) | tac)
    _sref = $.context getServiceReference "io.fabric8.api.FabricService"
    _srv = $.context getService $_sref
    _dstore = $_srv getdatastore
    $_dstore setFileConfiguration $_version $_profile $_logical_file_path ($_file_content getbytes)

After running this script you’ll be able to upload files like this:

import-resource test-profile 1.0 /tmp/
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