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Why my JAXB generated classes didn’t show up in the packaged jar

February 12, 2009 Leave a comment

The following problem bugged me for like 2 days:

My maven project generates classes using a maven jaxb2 plugin, but it also inherits settings from a parent project. After running “maven package” and seeing the jaxb plugin generate classes from the schema i was surprised to see zero classes showing up in the created jar file. After many hours of commenting out pieces of maven configuration in both my project and in the parent i found out that the “fork” setting on the compiler plugin was set to “true”. This didn’t seem like a setting that was causing the problem, but when i switched it to false the problem was suddenly sovled and my beloved classes settled nicely in the generated jar file.

I still don’t know why this setting causes the problem, but if you have the same problem you have now found the solution!


How to load an XML file from the classpath

February 4, 2009 Leave a comment

Saagar writes the following on his blog:

Today, I faced this issue in Java coding. I needed to load an XML file which was in my classpath but not in the same directory as the classes. The deliverable was a jar and the properties and the configuration XML files were in a different folder and were appended to the classpath at the runtime. The issue was that the file could not be located through the the statement

String fileName = getClass.getSystemResource(“config.xml”).getFile;

Then I thought that it checks relative to the current class and so used the statement

String fileName = ClassLoader.getSystemResource(“config.xml”).getFile;

But then, it wouldn’t still recognize the file. The reason is the same, it checks relative to the classes folder. I did not want to get the classpath from the system and browse through it for the config file since the class path could get larger. A couple of google searches and a little research later, I found the solution. The workaround is by using the following statement

String fileName = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader().getResource(“config.xml”).getFile;

It only makes sense since in the above statement, you get hold of the context class loader and find the path in the entire classpath…

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